Popular Questions

Do I get the same awesome kit every time?

  • Yes! Well, unless you tell us to change it. We are going to send you the same personalized kit every month so that you have a supply to take the supplements you need on a daily basis. But we also realize people’s needs change; feel free to change your kit at any time for no charge.

Why Shouldn’t I just buy this stuff at the store?

  • Well you could… but that might not be the most effective way to go about getting your supplements. For starters, our prices are set to beat what it would cost you to buy these supplements in retail bottles. Also, think realistically about how you act (and be honest). We think you are much more likely to remember your daily vitamin kit than to dig through your medicine cabinet and pull out the right supplements every day. Lastly, we send it right to your front door every month!

How often do I receive my kits?

  • Every month we will send you a beautiful dispenser box that contains 28 daily kits. You will never miss a beat.

Are there any hidden fee’s you’re not telling me about?

  • Nope! Cancel at any time and there is no initiation fee. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. We even provide free shipping on orders over $20.

I like the idea of the daily kits but I already know what supplements I want. Do I have to take the questionnaire?

  • Not at all, just go directly to our product catalogue here and create your own kit!


Where do you ship?

  • We ship anywhere in the United States via USPS

How Much is Shipping?

  • For orders over $20/mo shipping is free! Otherwise you will see the shipping cost in your order; we have negotiated very discounted rates with USPS for those who do not qualify for free shipping.

Manage my subscription

How do I resume my subscription

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I want to order sooner than what’s shown as the estimated delivery date

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How does my subscription work

  • Every 4 weeks we will mail you a new box that contains 28 personalized kits. You will also be automatically billed every 4 weeks as boxes are shipped out.

When will I receive my box each month

  • Your subscription starts whenever in the month you choose. We will then ship every 4 weeks from that date

How can I delay my next delivery

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Can I just order one month’s worth and not be subscribed

  • No, VitaRx is a subscription based service and does not offer single orders at this time.

Account Information

Can I Change the email address on my account

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I forgot my password

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Can I have my nickname printed on the packs instead of my first name

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My Kit

Can I add things to my kit that were not suggested after the questionnaire?

  • Yes of course.  Feel free to add additional vitamins and supplements here 

How can I make changes to my subscription/kit?

  • Once you have placed your first order simply log into your account to modify all the settings.  You can log in here


Can I edit answers to the questionnaire that I’ve entered?

  • As you take the questionnaire you can always hit the "back" button to change your answer to the previous questions.  You may also retake the entire questionnaire at the end if you desire.

Is there a way to retake the questionnaire?

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I started retaking the quiz and exited how. How do I continue from where I left off?

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How do you address allergies in your questionnaire and recommendations?

  • We do our best to not recommend any supplements or vitamins that you would be allergic to. However, you are solely responsible for reviewing the supplement labels of each product to ensure that there is no allergens in your supplements or vitamins.

What is asked in the questionnaire?

  • We developed our questionnaire to figure out what vitamins and supplements could be added to your daily diet in order to improve your overall wellness!

My Account

How do I update my shipping or billing address

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When will I be billed

  • You will be billed when you complete your first order and them every 4 weeks following that.

How do I update my billing information / credit card

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What forms of payment do you accept

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Orders &Tracking

How many kits do I receive?

  • Each shipment comes with 28 daily kits

Can I track my order?

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What’s the status of my order?

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My order status is delivered but I haven’t received it, what happened

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How can I cancel an order

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How can I cancel my subscription

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What is your return policy

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General Product Questions

Where do your supplements raw materials come from?

  • Due to the varying nature of the natural ingredients in our supplements, suppliers change for a variety of reasons. However, ingredients of only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing. Materials are inspected from the initially being received at the warehouse and are unloaded off the truck. Testing is done via black light for any irregularities. Raw material is then sent to quality assurance where samples are tested to confirm quality.

Where are your supplements Manufactured?

  • Manufacturing takes place in the United States to standards that meet and exceed the Natural Product Association Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s). Manufacturing is in full compliance with the Food and Drug Administration more recent Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP.

How do I know which supplements I should be taking?

  • Our questionnaire is designed to provide recommendations of what we feel could help you. However, you should always consult your physical or health provider before taking any supplements. No information you receive from our site constitutes a doctor-patient relationship.

How will I be able to identify the different supplement in my kit and the nutrition facts about each one?

  • With each shipment you get will come with an amazing box of goodness inside of it (your kits). Along with that will be a small booklet that has a picture of each supplement and all of the nutritional information about that supplement.

Are your kits compostable / eco-friendly?

  • Yes! Our kits are made of completely compostable products.

Are your products vegetarian/vegan friendly?

  • We offer a number of vegan and vegetarian supplements. If a supplement is vegan or vegetarian it will be identified as such on its respective product page. This means that the supplement does not contain any ingredients that would not typically be considered vegan or vegetarian; however, they are manufactured and packaged in a facility that also manufactures and packages non-vegan or vegetarian supplements.

Where can I see if a product contains something I’m allergic to?

  • We highly encourage you to review the supplement label of every product you consume. This will be available on our website and also in each booklet that gets mailed to you in your monthly subscription.

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