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Find other vitamins that fit your health goals with our 3 minute health assessment.

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Subscription Benefits

  • All the vitamins you want, when you need them.
  • Free shipping on orders over $20.
  • Adjust your subscription as your health needs change.
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What Is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola is an herb that has been used in eastern parts of the world for centuries. Discovered at high altitudes in Europe and Asia, Rhodiola, also known as Rhodiola Rosea, is an adaptogen, meaning they help your body adapt to stress when consumed. Rhodiola has multiple benefits including reducing symptoms of fatigue and depression.

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What is Rhodiola good for?

Rhodiola works to increase energy, stamina, strength, and mental capacity, improve athletic performance, resist the effects of stress, and help manage depression, anxiety, and other symptoms.

What does Rhodiola do?

Rhodiola promotes good health, strength, endurance, and physical and mental performance. It has been suggested that Rhodiola Rosea may have antidepressant properties that help balance the neurotransmitters in your brain.

How much Rhodiola should I take?

The recommended dose is 400 milligrams a day. Most Rhodiola supplements range from 100 milligrams to 500 milligrams.

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Rhodiola Benefits

Research has shown several health benefits of using Rhodiola Rosea. The best way to enjoy these health benefits is to get the daily recommended amount of Rhodiola through all-natural supplements.

  • Decrease Stress:
    Rhodiola is an adaptogen, a natural substance that increases your body’s resistance to stress in non-specific ways. It's also known to improve symptoms of burnout, which can occur with chronic stress.
  • Reduce Fatigue:
    Due to its adaptogenic properties, Rhodiola is popular for alleviating fatigue and producing more energy. Stress, anxiety, and inadequate sleep are just a few factors that can contribute to fatigue, which can cause feelings of physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Ease Depression:
    Studies link Rhodiola Rosea with antidepressant properties that help balance the neurotransmitters in your brain. Similar to antidepressants, it may positively influence neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotion.
  • Enhance Exercise Performance:
    Rhodiola helps enhance sports performance by reducing physical and mental fatigue and increasing antioxidant activity. It helps improve exercise performance and enrich the body's response to tiring physical activity.
  • Improve Concentration:
    Studies show that Rhodiola increases memory and stimulates cognitive functions which boost learning and concentration.

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Should I Take Rhodiola?

What is Rhodiola used for?

Rhodiola has been shown to help manage symptoms related to mental health conditions like depression and stress, while also reducing fatigue and improving memory function.

  • Decrease Stress: Adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea may increase your body’s resistance to stress, allowing you to cope better during stressful times.
  • Enhance Memory: Rhodiola can help improve brain function which can promote better memory.
What does Rhodiola do?

Rhodiola is used for increasing energy, stamina, strength, and mental capacity, resisting physical, chemical, and environmental stress. It's also used for improving athletic performance and shortening recovery time after long workouts

  • Reduce Fatigue: The adaptogenic nature of Rhodiola helps fight fatigue and other symptoms associated with stress while also giving a boost in energy.
  • Improve Exercise Performance: Rhodiola has been shown to increase mental performance during mentally stressful and physically strenuous times.

What to Look for in a Rhodiola Supplement

Understanding what your body needs is the key to choosing the right dietary supplement. In addition to eating foods that have the key nutrients you're lacking, there are also vitamins that can help with a particular health or wellness goal.

  • Dosage: The recommended daily dose for Rhodiola is 400 to 500 milligrams per day. Learn more
  • Type: Rhodiola comes in several formulations: capsules, tablets, dried powder, or extract. The most common form is typically a capsule with extract from the Rhodiola root. Learn more
  • Pairs Well With: Rhodiola makes an excellent pairing with ashwagandha thanks to their many similarities. Ashwagandha helps reduce feelings of stress, while Rhodiola improves mental performance. Learn more
  • Quality: Choose products that have third-party certifications for safety like the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) or NSF International to ensure that you're getting the amount of Rhodiola on the label without unwanted ingredients and additives. Learn more
  • Manufacturing Process: Similarly look for products that come from brands that adhere to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). Learn more

Why VitaRx's Rhodiola Supplement Is the Right Choice for You

To develop our products, we teamed up with nutritionists with extensive experience in vitamins, minerals, supplements, and overall nutrition. We carefully research both the final product and all of the ingredients that go into the manufacturing of these supplements.

  • Smarter Formulas:
    Each of our vegetarian capsules contains 500 milligrams of Rhodiola to ensure recommended daily intake.
    Amount of Pills
  • Better Ingredients:
    VitaRx Rhodiola contains three types of Rhodiola to provide the benefits of a full-spectrum organic herb along with the guaranteed potency of standardized extracts.
  • Sustainably Manufactured
    Our supplements are manufactured sustainably and encapsulated in the United States in a facility that adheres to U.S. FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations and Natural Products Association (NPA). 
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More Questions You Have About Rhodiola, Answered

Our library of expert-authored articles covers just about every question you might have about vitamins, minerals and supplements — along with some you might not have known you had.

How long does Rhodiola stay in your system?

Rhodiola, also known as 'golden root,' is a safe and well-tolerated supplement for most people. The herb can be expected to stay in your system for 4-6 hours and be totally excreted within a couple of days.

How long does Rhodiola Rosea take to work?

Unlike other popular adaptogens, Rhodiola Rosea can work within 30 minutes after consumption and helps improve the body's resistance to stress and exhaustion. Rhodiola supports the levels of neurotransmitters including serotonin and norepinephrine allowing the body to respond better to stress.

What time of the day should I take Rhodiola?

Rhodiola Rosea can be taken in the morning if you need a boost of energy. Its adaptive nature means that if you feel fatigued, its stimulating effect will help perk you up. The use of Rhodiola isn't recommended at night as it may stimulate alertness and affect your sleep.

What are the side effects of Rhodiola?

Side effects of Rhodiola Rosea are generally rare and mild to moderate. They may include headache, stomach upset, drowsiness, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping. Do not take Rhodiola Rosea if you are pregnant or nursing, or taking certain prescription drugs. Consult with your doctor before taking Rhodiola.

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How does my subscription work?

It's simple. Every month we'll send you a beautiful dispenser box with 30 daily vitamin packs inside. You can customize your order at any time and we'll send you a reminder email a few days before we start to prepare your pack.

How do I choose what goes in my vitamin packs?

Take our health quiz! We will recommend what you should be taking based on your health needs and it only takes 3 minutes. Or pick and choose as you please. You can add vitamins to your subscription directly from our product page or take the assessment and add the vitamins recommended to you.

Can I skip a month, make changes or cancel my subscription anytime?

Absolutely. To skip a month, make changes or cancel your subscription simply login to your account. There are no contracts, no commitments and you can edit your subscription each month as you go.

Can I get just one month’s worth of product?

Because we want to give you a hassle-free and consistent vitamin routine, we do not offer single orders at this time. However, you are able to purchase a subscription and then cancel before the next shipment is placed if you don't want next month's order.

How much will my subscription cost? Any hidden fees?

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