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Everything You Need to Know About American Ginseng Pills

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What is American Ginseng?

You've likely heard of ginseng, a family of energy-boosting herbs with a long history of use in Traditional Chinese medicine. If you've never heard of this extract or medication, you're in luck. We're here to detail all the positive side effects of using the ginseng root in your diet and supplement routine. Let's unpack the benefits and effects of ginseng, a wonderful herbal remedy.

There are several similar but distinct varieties of ginseng—the most common being Siberian, Asian, and American ginseng. Today, we're going to talk about the different effects of the American strain. American ginseng—from the Panax quinquefolius plant—is a powerful medicinal herb that grows in North America. The fleshy roots of the herb have been used for thousands of years by Native American tribes to increase energy, treat pain, relieve headaches, lower fever, and aid indigestion.

Today, American ginseng is still widely cultivated and used across North America as an herbal tonic for promoting energy, stress tolerance, and immune function. It's one of the most popular herbs on the market and is exported around the world.

American and Asian ginseng are often confused as they're from the same Panax genus of plants. Both appear as gnarled, light tan roots. They are both rich in antioxidant compounds with powerful health benefits, but according to Chinese medicine and clinical trials, the most significant difference is that American ginseng has more of a calming and "cooling" effect on the body.

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How American Ginseng Works

The clinical studies we have on ginseng herbs show their powerful health benefits are due to bioactive compounds called ginsenosides. These chemical compounds have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which exert immune-supportive, neuroprotective, and blood sugar-regulatory benefits on the body.

Ginseng is rich in antioxidants, but what exactly does that mean? Basically, antioxidants act as compounds that fight off free radicals in your body while lowering your oxidative stress. Any capsule that includes these compounds will help rejuvenate your cells and keep them from being badly damaged.

In natural medicine, American ginseng is also a popular stress-busting herb. It's known as an "adaptogen"—a compound that helps you avoid burnout and physical exhaustion by regulating the body's response to stress. Improving your stress levels isn't just about improving your quality of life. It's also about keeping harsh stimulants and oxidative stress out of the body so it can function at a higher level for longer. Lowering stress can also help you fight insomnia, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The efficacy of ginseng will help you get these helpful properties found in most antioxidants.

Health Benefits of American Ginseng

There is a tremendous number of specific health benefits of American ginseng. Research shows that this alternative medicine can be an excellent dietary supplement for the overall enhancement of your health. Check out the ways your immune response can improve to make you a healthier individual with the help of ginseng.

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Boosts Energy

Like other forms of ginseng, the American variety naturally fights fatigue and helps boost your energy. These medicinal herbs help protect the mitochondria from oxidative damage to enhance your physical health and mental performance.

In 2013, researchers looked at the impact of ginseng on cancer patients dealing with debilitating cancer-related fatigue as a side-effect of treatment. It found that taking a dose of 2,000 mg of American ginseng for two months resulted in a significant reduction in fatigue, particularly for patients actively receiving cancer treatment.

Another 2018 systematic review study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found American ginseng to be a promising treatment for fatigue in people with chronic illnesses. These pilot studies help show that healthy patients and individuals fighting chronic disorders can benefit from this herbal medicine to aid energy production.

Promotes Brain Function

Research shows active ginsenosides in American ginseng have neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing effects, helping you to feel mentally sharp. If you're looking for different plants with the nutrients to improve cognitive performance and mental performance, American ginseng may be the option for you.
A study in Psychopharmacology measured the mood and cognitive function in healthy adults taking a natural supplement containing American ginseng extract (standardized to 10.65% ginsenosides). The study found a significant improvement in working memory, reaction time, and feelings of calmness among those who took American ginseng.
This is great news for students and people with mentally demanding jobs! You can lower your stress and get better neurocognitive function while handling different mental tests with ease thanks to a few grams of ginseng.

Supports Immunity, Reduces Colds and Flu

American ginseng is one of the most popular natural remedies during cold and flu season. Get through winter untouched with medicinal herbs that prevent flu symptoms! The active compounds have antimicrobial properties and are known to balance the immune system and enhance the body's resistance to infection. Even healthy individuals run the risk of catching the flu or even a common cold. Fight those infections and inflammation with single doses of American ginseng.

In 2011, a review of five studies found that, compared to a placebo, taking American ginseng as a preventative measure helped in a variety of ways.

  • Reduced the total number of common colds by 25%
  • Lowered the incidence of other acute respiratory infections
  • Shortened the side effects and duration of colds and acute respiratory infections by 6.2 days

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Regulating blood sugar is key to a healthy metabolism. Ginsenosides in American ginseng may help to balance blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production as well as your cells' sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is a pancreatic hormone that prevents high blood sugar levels by encouraging the uptake of glucose into your cells to be burned for energy or stored. Invest in medicines that help you lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes.
A clinical study found that taking a 3-gram dose of American ginseng before or at the same time as a sugary drink reduced blood glucose levels in Type 2 diabetics. This is a strong composite that can help all human beings monitor their blood sugar while helping diabetic individuals in particular.

Make American Ginseng Part of Your Daily Diet

Okay, you knew it was coming ... time for a shameless plug. Do you think the benefits of adding American ginseng to your daily diet could help? Create a personalized daily vitamin pack that includes American ginseng and any other vitamins, minerals, or supplements you think could help. Start by adding American ginseng to your VitaRx Kit here!

American Ginseng

American Ginseng supplement to increase energy

Make American Ginseng a part of your daily vitamin and supplement routine

  • Rich in bioactive ginsenosides
  • Provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Enhances immunity and reduces the risk of colds and acute respiratory infections



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