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Everything you need and nothing you don’t! Your kit is personalized to your own needs and goals. Take our brief questionnaire so that we can learn what is important to you. After getting to know you, we will recommend the vitamins that can have the most positive effects on your daily life. Feel free to tweak and customize your kit as much as you like in addition to that!

Sarah, 34Blogger

“I’m usually up early, for yoga or other classes, and stay pretty busy. Rhodiola is key because it keeps me feeling energized through it all.”

In Sarah’s kit:

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Kevin, 38Chef

“I’m usually juggling a few projects and some large spreadsheets where attention to detail is important. I like kanna because it helps me stay focused.”

In Brent’s kit:

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Results Backed by Science.

Our questionnaire has been reviewed by nutritionists with extensive experience in supplements, vitamins and nutrition. We have researched the supplements we feel are going to drive the best results for you and then made it our goal to source the best possible products to go along with that.

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A unique combination of traditional medicine and the latest in research makes Vita RX a unique addition to the market.

Michael Johnson, MD

Alright, What’s the Catch? (Spoiler Alert: There isn’t One)

Do I get the same awesome kit every time?Yes! Well, unless you tell us to change it. We are going to send you the same personalized kit every month so that you have a supply to take the supplements you need on a daily basis. But we also realize people’s needs change; feel free to change your kit at any time for no charge.

Why shouldn’t I just buy this stuff at the store? Well you could… but that might not be the most effective way to go about getting your supplements. For starters, our prices are set to beat what it would cost you to buy these supplements in retail bottles. Also, think realistically about how you act (and be honest). We think you are much more likely to remember your daily vitamin kit than to dig through your medicine cabinet and pull out the right supplements every day. Lastly, we send it right to your front door every 30 days!

How often do I receive my kits?Every 30 days we will send you a beautiful dispenser box that contains 30 daily kits. You will never miss a beat.

Are there any hidden fee’s you’re not telling me about yet? Nope! Cancel at any time and there is no initiation fee. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. We even provide free shipping on orders over $20.

I like the idea of the daily kits but I already know what supplements I want. Do I have to take the questionnaire? Not at all, just go directly to our product catalogue here (create hyperlink to product page) and create your own kit!

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Quality Supplements

Our supplements are manufactured in the United States with practices that are in line with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPS).  Further, our organic products are certified by Quality Assurance International, one of the leading agencies in the US for this determining if a product is organic.  Our goal is to send you the best supplements on the market so that your body is receiving the “goodness” it deserves on a daily basis.

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Designed for YOU

Maybe you have been taking supplements for the last 10 years and know exactly what.  Maybe you are just someone who is curious about improving their overall wellness. Either way, we want this kit to be personal to you.  Our questionnaire is designed to find out what is important to you and then make sure you are getting the supplements that best fit your lifestyle and goals.  With the flexibility to change your kit at any time, we are here to work with you in order to design a kit that meets those goals.

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