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Your hair is an important part of your look and something you often take a lot of pride in.

Get healthier hair that is sleek and shiny when you rely on supplements that give your hair all the nutrients it needs. Feel more confident in your look and enjoy a natural way to improve your existing hairstyle and feel healthier overall.

  • B-Complex
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    Energy Hair Mood
    • Energy booster

    • Mood helper

    • Supports strong hair

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  • Hair, Skin & Nails Tablet
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    Skin Hair Nails
    • The dynamic trio

    • Stronger hair skin & nails

    • Biotin for extra support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my hair made of?

Humans have hair all over their bodies, but we don't always think about what this is made of or how to take care of it. Your hair is made of a protein called keratin which is also the element that makes up your fingernails. Your natural hair is actually a combination of keratin and dead skin cells. Because these cells are dead, hair breakage or getting a haircut don't actually hurt. However, you can still work to take care of your hair follicles to give yourself a shinier look and create healthier hair.

How do I get healthier hair?

There are all kinds of treatments, shampoos, conditioners, and more that guarantee healthier hair. We offer solutions that start at a cellular level by getting your hair follicles the right nutrients they need for healthier hair growth and a healthier scalp. A wide variety of vitamins and minerals help your hair grow on a cellular level to offer you healthier hair of any texture.

What supplements do you offer for hair care?

Here at VitaRx, we offer a wide variety of supplements and vitamins that can help you fill in any nutritional gaps you may have. Our haircare collection includes our unique blend of Hair, Skin, & Nail supplements and a B-Complex capsule. Combined, these can act almost as treatment options to get the new hair you've been craving.

How do these supplements benefit my hair?

Thanks to the unique blends and combinations of vitamins and minerals, our supplements offer tremendous benefits for your hair health. Let's dive into the specifics of each one.

Our Hair, Nail & Skin supplement is full of vitamin B, keratin, gelatin, biotin, and horsetail that are all designed to help strengthen your hair. By promoting collagen synthesis, this supplement helps strengthen these cells from the inside out. The keratin also gives added flexibility to avoid hair breakage. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, or deal with a lot of frizz, this can help your hair stay healthy in any condition. By getting the building blocks for your hair and cells, strengthen them from the inside out.

Our B-complex vitamin supplement is full of a collection of B vitamins that can help with cellular metabolism. This blend includes eight B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. These vitamins are not naturally created or stored in the body, so you need a supplement to get the proper amount. Again, because they help your body function at a cellular level, the B-complex supplement will help strengthen your hair follicles.

Does this aid hair loss?

Our hair supplements help you keep your hair strong and healthy. While we aren't in the business of growing human hair, we can help you strengthen your hair follicles so you can try to avoid hair loss. If you are looking to avoid baldness or reverse hair loss, you may want to speak to a salon expert or healthcare professional about other options. However, if you're just trying to take extra preventative measures against common types of hair loss, you can't go wrong with adding this supplement to your daily routine. With our hair options, you'll be strengthening your hair follicles and helping your hair stay nice and fresh for as long as possible.

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