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Here at VitaRx, we offer a unique variety of dietary supplements that give you many health benefits.

Our probiotic supplements include beneficial bacteria that can help your gut health with live microorganisms. Dive in and learn more about the effect of probiotics to see if this supplement is something you may like to include in your monthly pack from VitaRx.

  • Probiotic
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    Immunity Prenatal Digest
    • 10 probiotic strains

    • Critical for digestion

    • Boosts immune system

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are probiotics?

At first, it may be weird to think about including microorganisms and bacteria in your dietary routine. But the truth is, probiotics offer tremendous health benefits. These beneficial bacteria reside inside your body and help keep different systems functioning effectively. Your gastrointestinal tract specifically holds trillions of bacteria and benefits from different probiotic strains. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium have been proven to be the most useful for the human body. Overall, these probiotics are good bacteria that help your microbiome stay consistent and balanced in the best way for your body.

How do probiotics work?

Probiotic products operate mostly within the gastrointestinal tract and help with nutrient absorption. These microorganisms help break down nutrients and synthesize different vitamins. These probiotics help regulate your gut microbiome so your digestive tract can function more successfully.

The bacteria in your gut help with the fermentation of carbohydrates to create lactic acid and other fatty acids. These then give the cells in your gut more energy and help prevent free radicals from entering your digestive system.

Due to the rise in processed foods, you may not be getting adequate amounts of probiotics naturally. This is where our dietary supplements can be helpful. Avoid inconsistency and enjoy probiotic supplements to make sure your gut and immune health are fully taken care of so you don't have any health problems in the future.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics help your body in a number of ways. The biggest is the effects on your digestive system. The use of probiotics helps your gut stay balanced so you can avoid discomfort or any serious side effects. Regulate your gastrointestinal tract and lower the risk of digestive issues like cramps, constipation, diarrhea, or inflammatory bowel disease. Feel more confident in your small intestine and know you're getting the right nutrients from your food.

Because your gut is at the center of health, you'll notice more beneficial effects of probiotics. You'll also boost your immune health when you increase your probiotic use. Lower your risks of getting respiratory infections, the common cold, or other serious health concerns when you buff up your first line of defense with probiotic supplements to bolster your immune health.

What areas of your health are affected by this supplement?

Each of our dietary supplements is created to help a specific category of individuals with different health needs. Our probiotic products are marketed to people who need help with digestive health and immunity, or for mothers who are taking prenatal vitamins. Even healthy people can benefit from this bacterial strain as a way to boost overall health and wellness. However, if you are looking for dietary supplements to benefit these specific areas, check out our probiotics.

Why should I make these VitaRx supplements a part of my daily routine?

Our mission at VitaRx is to fill in your nutritional gaps with the best supplements that offer unique health benefits. Probiotics are some of the most powerful dietary supplements that can help your gut health and immune system. When you rely on our custom quiz and daily kits, you're establishing a healthy routine that you don't even have to think about. Get your personalized supplements delivered each month so you can enjoy these positive health effects. Include probiotic supplements to see how good bacteria can benefit you.

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