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Your body needs key vitamins and minerals to help level out your mood and help you adapt to everyday situations.

These components are necessary to a healthy lifestyle and are also critical for good nutrition. However, many adults still struggle to hit their daily vitamin intake levels through diet and sun exposure alone. Unfortunately, without these nutrients, your body can suffer the consequences or some negative side effects. Many of these can directly impact your mood.

At VitaRx, our goal is to help you find the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to supplement your healthy lifestyle and help balance your mood. Take our quick assessment to get helpful product recommendations so you can create your personalized daily routine. We offer a few key products that help with mood and energy, including Rhodiola, Vitamin B12, B-vitamins complex blends, and Reishi mushrooms.

  • Rhodiola
    rhodiola benefits pill supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Brain Energy Stress Mood
    • Maintain energy levels

    • Supports longer stamina

    • Levels mood and stress

    • Strengthen your body's ability to adapt
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    $9.00 30 Day Supply
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  • B-Complex
    b-complex orange vitamin supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Energy Hair Mood
    • Energy booster

    • Mood helper

    • Supports strong hair

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    $9.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 supplement energy healthy hair, skin, nails
    Bones Energy Mood
    • Improved levels of energy

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Healthy hair, skin, nails

    • Compliments a healthy lifestyle

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    $4.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Reishi Mushrooms
    reishi mushroom pill capsule supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Energy Immunity Mood
    • Reishi and shiitake blend

    • Boost your immune system

    • Popular in eastern cultures

    • Super mushroom formula
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Rhodiola?

Rhodiola can help maintain energy levels. Keep yourself up and active with Rhodiola that also combats depressive symptoms as you keep your energy higher. In addition, if you incorporate Rhodiola into your nutrition journal, you're liable to see the important role in cognitive function and energy. Rhodiola supports longer stamina. People experience the world differently, and some of us have limited stamina for our days. Rhodiola has significant interaction with stamina levels and supports more incredible stamina that can keep us going. Whether you need energy for physical activity or you want multivitamin supplements that help you endure long, busy days, Rhodiola has many potential stamina benefits.

Rhodiola levels mood and stress. Alongside a few lifestyle changes and goals, if you're looking for the best way to ease anxiety, reduce mental fatigue, and level out your mood, Rhodiola should be high on your list. In particular, mental fatigue impacts our mood and leads to cognitive decline, which affects our overall quality of life. Rhodiola promotes brain health and cognitive function, which helps combat depressive symptoms and mood disorders. Rhodiola can also strengthen your body's ability to adapt. When you're experiencing depressive symptoms, anxiousness, or another mental health symptom, a dietary supplement can make a significant difference in your ability to adapt. Rhodiola can play an essential role in your mental health, especially when including other products that boost brain health and promote wellness.

What are the benefits of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 offers improved levels of energy. If you want to see a significant improvement in your overall energy levels and promote cognitive health and the same time, this vitamin is an excellent selection. Vitamin B12 supplements promote greater energy levels and can even help boost metabolism. Incorporate B12 in your nutrition journal to see the significant interaction B12 has with your fatigue. It's vegan-friendly. Our B12 supplements are vegan-friendly options that you can feel confident adding to your micronutrient supplementation plan. Vegetarians and vegans alike can partake in our B12 supplements and get the potential mood benefits, too.

Vitamin B12 also supports healthy hair, skin, nails. Sometimes, the beneficial side effects are an important factor when choosing a new medication or supplement to add to your dietary intake. For example, a vitamin supplement like vitamin B-12 can help you see a significant improvement in hair, skin, and nail health. Many healthy women and other individuals add B vitamins to their regimen for these specific benefits. B12 complements a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to boost cognition or think micronutrient supplementation has health benefits that can promote healthy brain function and lower the risk of memory loss and other conditions, the proper vitamin can help the human body immensely. Adding B12 to your "mind diet" can complement a healthy lifestyle, even if you're not experiencing cognitive decline.

How do subscriptions work?

Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime. Whether you're dealing with symptoms of depression or you want to improve your mood health baseline, the right supplements can promote your brain function and help stave off the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other depressive symptoms. From vitamin D supplements for vitamin D-deficient individuals to Vitamin B complex blends for brain function, essential products and nutrients can be the right solution for your wellness needs. 

  • Tell us a little about yourself and your lifestyle, dietary reference intakes, and where you’d like to see improvement.
  • We’ll use the assessment results to give you a personalized vitamin kit backed by science.
  • Your personalized kit will arrive every month, modify or cancel your kit any time. 

What are the benefits of B-complex vitamins?

The B complex of vitamins has a direct correlation to your energy level and is a known energy booster. In the same way that natural sunlight boosts energy, B-complex multivitamins help increase power, boost metabolism, and help you get through each day. Whether you want energy for aerobic exercise or you're working to ward off the negative effects of limited sun exposure, our questionnaire will connect you to the right B-complex multivitamin supplements. B-complex vitamins are major mood helpers. The correct daily amount of these multivitamin supplements can have a complementary effect on your overall mood and stress levels. It promotes neurological function, physical function, and normal cognitive function.

With an adequate intake and micronutrient intervention, it's easier to address your body's chemical imbalances and enact a mood change. This product is sometimes necessary for healthy children and older adults alike. The B complex of vitamins supports strong hair. If you want strong, healthy hair, you want a B-complex blend that includes B1, B2, vitamin B6, B9, and more. The right combination can help improve hair health, skin pigmentation and even help repair hair damage from sun exposure and overprocessing.

How subscriptions work: Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

How can Reishi mushrooms help with mood?

We use a Reishi and shiitake blend. This compelling blend of mushrooms helps address the nutritional deficiencies a lot of people have and can be effective even in small amounts. Some people take high doses as a daily supplement though we can help you determine where Reishi mushrooms fit into your healthy diet. Our mushroom blend can help boost your immune system. Especially for older participants, immune function is a prominent concern. Our at-home assessments can help you learn more about how mushrooms improve the immune system and help prevent mental fatigue. In addition, prospective studies show the effects and uses of mushrooms for critical conditions and uses.

Reishi is especially prevalent in eastern cultures. Many Eastern cultures have a number of participants who enjoy Reishi mushrooms for health and wellness. While some products can't replace counseling and medications (particularly for sensitive mental health disorders like severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia), Reishi mushrooms contain important mineral blends and compounds. These essential trace elements are part of their popularity.
We also use a super mushroom formula. This supplement form uses a unique blend of mushrooms that contain important nutrients to help level out your mental symptoms or balance your mood. Plus, our super mushroom formula is perfect for vegetarians. These natural remedies can help you adapt each day.

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