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Human skin is susceptible to UV damage, free radicals, dryness, and other common skin problems.

Certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can cause chronic dry skin. Too much UV exposure can increase the risk of sun damage and skin cancer, even with topical applications, sunscreen, and lotions. Even otherwise healthy individuals may still struggle with skin irritation and conditions like inflammation or the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sometimes, our skin health is directly related to our vitamin and nutrient intake. Without the right supplements, it can be challenging to protect our skin against sun exposure, sun damage, rashes, and other common skin issues. Plus, certain supplements can directly benefit our skin cells and lead to healthy activity throughout the body that promotes better skin barrier function, wound healing, elasticity, and skin moisture.

At VitaRx, we know that healthy skin depends on much more than lotions and topical applications, even though you should always use a high-quality sunscreen, especially during an outdoor activity or when there may be excessive exposure to UV light, While topical applications and chemical peels have their uses, the best way to boost your skin health is through antioxidant protection and nutritional support.

  • Hair, Skin & Nails Tablet
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    Skin Hair Nails
    • The dynamic trio

    • Stronger hair skin & nails

    • Biotin for extra support

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  • Astaxanthin
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    Heart Skin Fitness
    Soft Gel
    • Potent Free Radical Scavenger

    • A must-have for skin care

    • Supports immune system functionality

    • Fermented with 5 different natural oils
    • Free of Hexane
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the VitaRx Hair Skin & Nails formula support skin health?

Sometimes, the best way to support your outermost layer of skin and overall skin health is to choose a supplement blend that covers the essentials. The VitaRx Hair Skin & Nails formula contains a compelling mix of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that play an important role in your hair, nail, and skin health. This formula provides vital nutritional support that promotes glowing skin and more robust collagen synthesis. From your hair follicles to the structural proteins of your skin layers, your body can leverage the beneficial effects, antioxidant capacity, and effective protection of our formula.

The formula also contains a patented form of keratin called Cynatine HS. This keratinocyte helps give strength and flexibility to your skin layers, hair, and nails. It also helps reduce hair and nail breakages and prevent roughness. While creams and lotions can help you establish a baseline, the appropriate supplements can significantly impact antioxidant activity and blood flow, both of which fight free radicals and intrinsic aging signs.

Our formula uses nutrients and herbs like biotin, gelatin, horsetail, and keratin, which support hair health and help the appearance of skin. By promoting collagen synthesis, the dermis of human skin is more elastic and flexible. This also promotes skin hydration and moisture, preventing dandruff, skin flakes, and cracks. In addition, protect your pores against the effects of aging, photodamage, and sunburn by encouraging skin barrier function. Along with protective clothing and UV protection, our effective supplement has the antioxidant properties and protective effects you need to thrive and glow.

Hair Skin & Nails

  • The dynamic trio
  • Stronger hair skin & nails
  • Biotin for extra support

Is Astaxanthin good for healthy skin?

Out of all the skin health nutrients, you've likely heard the least about astaxanthin. Yet, even with creams and proper hydration, you may still require an astaxanthin supplement to get that glowing skin you've always wanted. Astaxanthin is the skin pigmentation molecule that makes salmon and flamingos so pink; it is also a carotenoid that protects against skin damage, fine lines, and other signs of aging. So, while you could turn to clinical skincare services or botox to protect against intrinsic skin aging, smart supplementation can be an effective treatment, much like corrective facials.

Sun exposure and chronic UV exposure work to increase the production of free radicals. As any dermatologist can tell you, free radicals cause cell death and break down collagen and elastin. When this happens, it can make your skin sag and wrinkle. It can also cause skin inflammation and make your skin thinner. All of these can impact human health and your quality of life. So in a sense, astaxanthin works as a sunscreen for the inside of your body, supporting the skin's primary function and strengthening the epidermis against UV light and other ultraviolet damage.

Beyond that, astaxanthin fights oxidative stress and its impact on the epidermal outer layer, your sweat glands, and the other skin layers. Skin regulation is a complex process. You have to combat dehydration, low collagen levels, your skin's appearance, and even skin damage or scarring on a wound area. In addition, the skin surface requires special treatment, particularly if you're at higher risk for skin cancer. While you should always use a high SPF sunscreen and talk to your dermatologist or health care provider to discuss new supplements, astaxanthin can play an important role in your unique structure and skin properties.


  • Potent Free Radical Scavenger
  • A must-have for skincare
  • Supports immune system functionality
  • Fermented with 5 different natural oils
  • Free of Hexane

Is a flaxseed oil supplement suitable for your skin health?

Even if you don't have a skincare condition like eczema, psoriasis, or acne, you may still lack moisture and elasticity to prevent signs of intrinsic aging. Flaxseed oil has numerous health benefits, and it supports the skin's ability to combat inflammation. This is because, alongside being an excellent source of fiber, flaxseed oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids help to lower blood pressure and inflammation in your arteries. Omega fatty acids also help to prevent skin damage from external sources like sunlight exposure.

Plus, flaxseed supports your overall gut health and promotes antioxidant activity in the human body, both of which benefit the dermis of human skin. In addition, flaxseed can regulate estrogen in the body, which can reduce acne. It can also reduce acne by regulating sebum production. Sebum is the main component of your body's natural oils, and this oily substance is necessary for the health of our skin, particularly facial skin. Flaxseed is a powerful acne fighter with anti-inflammatory properties and other known functions that benefit the structure of skin and its pigment, an important factor in that healthy glow.

If you want a healthy glow or you want to reduce your body's inflammatory response triggered by sunlight exposure, flaxseed might be the right solution. Alongside potent antioxidant capacity and sensitive skin efficacy, your dermatologist can explain the side effects of this key ingredient and how it works in your epidermal cells. Reduce redness and fight off inflammatory cells with the appropriate supplement in your daily regimen.

Flax Seed Oil

  • Supports heart health
  • Healthy digestion
  • Healthy skin

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