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Did you know your body needs a certain selection of nutrients to function effectively?

Minerals are an essential part of good nutrition and your overall health, so it's important to get a regular intake for your immune system and other parts of your diet. Oftentimes, even a healthy diet can't get you every single vitamin and mineral you need and you may suffer negative side effects or harm to your body. In these cases, you'll want to consider some dietary supplements to help with any deficiencies.

Minerals are the inorganic elements that help your body function and develop. This includes a wide array of elements you'll find on the periodic table including calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. You can find small amounts or large doses of these mineral vitamins in a variety of foods. Because these are inorganic products, you may need to utilize mineral supplements to get these nutrients from the best sources in the most effective way.

Here at VitaRx, we want to help you improve your mineral intake and get healthy. Check out our easy assessment to see what mineral supplements may help you feel your best. Create your cultivated vitamin and mineral routine so you can meet your dietary guidelines with our mineral options: magnesium, bone support, iron, and zinc.

  • Iron
    iron capsule supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Energy Prenatal
    • Completely vegan

    • Made iron bisglycinate

    • Combat fatigue

    • Combat fatigue
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    $4.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Magnesium
    magnesium capsule supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    • Catch some ZZZ's

    • Boosts metabolism

    • Aids energy production

    • Aids the balance of calcium 
    • Catch some ZZZ's
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    $4.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Cal-Mag
    calcium magnesium bone support supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Prenatal
    • Aids bone strength 

    • Contains Vitamins D, C, K

    • Supports strong teeth

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    $8.00 30 Day Supply
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are mineral supplements?

Mineral supplements help provide the additional nutrients and minerals that you need if you aren't getting enough vitamins in your diet. These dietary supplements come in a few different forms like pills, soft gels, and capsules. Mineral supplements act just like a multivitamin or medicine you would get from a doctor or healthcare professional. You take a certain number of milligrams every day to help get your body greater amounts of the minerals it needs when your food groups just aren't cutting it.

The truth is, your body needs more minerals than many healthy adults may be able to take on a daily basis through your diet and lifestyle only. Even if you build a healthy diet with good nutrition and mineral-rich foods like nuts, shellfish, meats, dairy products, whole grain cereals, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, beans, yogurt, berries, and more, you may still need some extra magnesium, calcium, iron, or zinc. Get those essential minerals through dietary supplement use that can become a part of your daily routine.

    Why are minerals important?

    Essentially, minerals help your body function properly. They offer health benefits for a variety of different areas, keeping everything from your heart, muscles, skin, and brain working effectively and efficiently. Daily vitamins and minerals also help your body produce and regulate enzymes and hormones to fight fatigue, help bone health, and prevent heart disease. For these reasons, they're an essential element older adults, children, and infants need to get in excess.

    There are two different categories of minerals that can become a part of your supplement use. The first are macrominerals which are the ones you've probably already heard about. Calcium to build strong bones, magnesium to give you energy, and sodium to benefit your nerves and muscles are all examples of different macrominerals. You'll also need trace minerals like iron, zinc, copper, iodine, and fluoride. While you'll need smaller amounts of these trace minerals, they still play important roles in more specific parts of your body.

    Minerals are important for everyone to maintain a healthy body that functions in all the ways it's supposed to. Nutrient supplements can also be especially beneficial for people with certain health conditions or mineral deficiencies. Consult your health care provider if you think you may have a serious issue of this nature or need high doses of your mineral supplements. Things like anemia, iron deficiency, cardiovascular disease, and more can be aided with mineral and vitamin supplements.

      What are the benefits of a mineral subscription?

      Life gets pretty busy, and it's easy to forget about your own health at times. Having minerals as a part of your daily vitamin and supplement routine will help guarantee that you are getting high doses of your daily supplement pills to make up for any nutritional deficiencies. Find the best way to get your daily value when the packages are shipped right to your door. With VitaRx, you can take a personalized assessment to find the right minerals for your health care needs and get them shipped directly to you. Whether you need high levels or small quantities of these products, a personalized vitamin subscription will help you realign your overall health goals.

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