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Prenatal vitamins and supplements are often necessary components of fetal development.

A developing fetus has unique nutritional demands that pregnant people have to meet. Sometimes, this means turning to prescription prenatals that can help lower the risk of preterm birth and the risk of neural tube defects. Pregnant people worldwide depend on prescriptions and prenatal supplements to give them more energy during pregnancy and reduce the likelihood of infant mortality.

Whether you're in your first trimester, second trimester, or third trimester, VitaRx has prenatal multivitamins and formulas that help you meet your nutritional demands and get all the important nutrients for your baby's growth. Our goal is to make it easier for you to encourage fetal growth, spur baby's brain development, and take a prenatal vitamin to support your body during pregnancy into postpartum. From getting essential fatty acids to reducing the risk of neural tube defects, we offer products like particular types of fish oil, prenatal vitamin blends, cranberry for UTI support, and probiotics to mitigate the greater risk of digestive issues during pregnancy. Take a look:

  • Iron
    iron capsule supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Energy Prenatal
    • Completely vegan

    • Made iron bisglycinate

    • Combat fatigue

    • Combat fatigue
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    $4.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Probiotic
    best probiotic pill supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Immunity Prenatal Digest
    • 10 probiotic strains

    • Critical for digestion

    • Boosts immune system

    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Cal-Mag
    calcium magnesium bone support supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Prenatal
    • Aids bone strength 

    • Contains Vitamins D, C, K

    • Supports strong teeth

    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Omega-3 Fish Oil
    Omega-3 Fish Oil
    Bones Brain Eyes Joints Prenatal Fitness
    Soft Gel
    • Natural fish oil used

    • Softgel for easy digestion

    • Contaminant tested

    • Strengthens eyes and heart
    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Prenatal
    prenatal supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    • For your healthy baby

    • Healthy pregnancy

    • Healthy breastfeeding

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    $7.00 30 Day Supply
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does fish oil support a healthy pregnancy?

Whether you're in the first weeks of pregnancy, your first month of pregnancy, or further along, you may see other pregnant women and midwives recommending products like fish oil. While it's helpful to have a daily prenatal vitamin you take, you should also include fish oil in your regimen to fill in the gaps in your own health. Fish oil has several critical benefits for pregnant women: 

Fish Oil

  • We use natural fish oil in this separate supplement
  • Softgel for easy digestion
  • Contaminant tested
  • Strengthens eyes and heart

When you incorporate these essential nutrients and the best prenatal vitamin into your daily supplement regimen, it can help promote a healthier pregnancy, ward off pregnancy complications, and much more. With vitamins and supplements, it's much easier to keep your pregnancy on track and support your baby needs and body needs. Subscription details

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    What are the benefits of a prenatal vitamin?

    The proper prenatal vitamin selection can make a significant impact on your overall health and the health of your baby. A prenatal vitamin helps you get the right amount of vitamins recommended for your daily intake. You can even talk to your primary care provider or pharmacy about your dose to find the appropriate recommended amount. In addition, we offer a full range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so you can experience the benefits of prenatal vitamins firsthand.

    • For your healthy baby: A daily vitamin plays an important role in the baby's health and your health. Support baby's brain with key vitamins and minerals.
    • Healthy pregnancy. Reduce the risk of birth defects and promote the healthy development of your baby.
    • Healthy breastfeeding. Once you've given birth, you'll want to ensure your vitamins help you produce rich, nutritious breastmilk for the baby's brain, baby's bones, and baby's body development that other dairy products can't provide.

    Is iron helpful for a baby's development?

    Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats can be excellent sources of iron. Still, you also want to ensure that you're getting enough to prevent the harmful effects of iron deficiency anemia. An iron supplement, along with prescription prenatals, gummy vitamins, or other over-the-counter vitamins and supplement products, can help improve pregnancy outcomes.


    • Completely vegan. Our iron supplement is free of any animal products and only relies on plant sources.
    • Made iron bis-glycinate.
    • Combat fatigue. A mom spends a lot of energy helping the baby develop in the womb. Naturally, this can lead to fatigue. But, if you're lacking iron, it can make you even sleepier. An iron formulation can help give you the energy you need to tackle each new day.

      Can cranberry support pregnancy health?

      Alongside a good prenatal vitamin, an easy way to support your pregnancy health is to incorporate a cranberry supplement. Cranberry provides UTI support, especially for women of childbearing age. Unfortunately, not every good prenatal vitamin contains all of the prenatal vitamin ingredients. Also, they don't always have enough nutrients to cover every single use. However, if you're prone to having a tough time with UTIs or you want something that can help you cleanse your body's waste system, our cranberry supplement has the seal of approval.


      • Provides UTI support
      • Added grape seed & uva ursi extract
      • Cleanses body’s waste system

      How monthly subscription works. Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

      Why are probiotics good prenatal support?

      As you may already know, probiotics support digestive health, and our high-quality probiotics also work to boost your immune system. So even when you're dealing with pregnancy cravings and shifting eating habits, probiotics help you get the right amounts of nutrients for gut health and the overall health of your pregnancy.


      • Ten probiotic strains
      • Critical for digestion
      • Boosts immune system

        Should you get a calcium/magnesium prenatal supplement?

        As soon as your first prenatal checkup, you may be ready to find the right nutrients to give you the maximum benefit during these first months of pregnancy. This may include added supplementation like calcium & magnesium supplements. These products aid your bone strength, promote stronger teeth, and help with skin health which is a plus during pregnancy. However, if you're not getting enough calcium or magnesium, you'll likely experience adverse side effects and fatigue. After all, each of these is a crucial nutrient for pregnancy health that you should incorporate into your daily routine.


        • Aids bone strength
        • Contains Calcium & Magnesium
        • Supports strong teeth

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