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So many individuals struggle with falling asleep and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.

If you are among this demographic, you may be able to find relief or easier ways to relax at bedtime with sleep supplements from VitaRx. Add our magnesium capsules to your regular supplement routine to help guarantee better sleep that can aid your overall health as well.

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    • Catch some ZZZ's
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sleep supplements?

Your body is full of complex systems that all function in different ways. If you're having trouble sleeping, that may mean your body is too hyperactive and functions are running wild even when it's time to slow down and relax at the end of the night. To get a good night's sleep, many people will turn to sleep supplements or agents that can help with your relaxation. Here at VitaRx, we offer magnesium supplements to help you get quality sleep and monitor your energy throughout the rest of the day. Get those hours of sleep your body is craving when you rely on these dietary supplements that boost the systems of your body that aid your rest.

What different factors interfere with my sleep?

There are several factors that may be causing issues with your sleeping habits. Some are external factors. For instance, stress caused by work, trying to rest in a cluttered environment, your partner snoring, etc. Your lifestyle may also be impacting sleep. If you smoke or drink regularly, that could be messing with your brain chemistry and harming your relaxation techniques. Other factors may have to do with certain medical conditions or concerns. You could be dealing with sleep apnea or narcolepsy, or taking certain medications for another disorder that affect your sleep-wake cycle. You may also find that psychiatric disorders like anxiety or depression are keeping you awake at night.

Some issues, like drinking too much or dealing with a stressful situation at work, may go away with time. But if you find you're dealing with chronic sleep issues, it may be time to consult a health care professional about your sleep problems.

Is CoQ10 appropriate for a Halal food diet?

VitaRx employs a Halal-friendly CoQ10 blend for added wellness support. CoQ10 is an enzyme that aids cellular energy production. This beneficial compound is natural to the body, but many of us struggle to produce enough or don't get enough from our diets. With a CoQ10 supplement, it's easier to aid your healthy heart and give your body the energy boost it's craving for peak performance. Plus, since you don't have to worry about it aligning with your religious practice, you can confidently take CoQ10 and similar food items and supplements.

  • CoQ10  CoQ10 Capsule
    • Cellular energy reproduction
    • Aids a healthy heart
    • Natural to the body

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How does magnesium affect my sleep?

At VitaRx, we offer magnesium supplements to help improve poor sleep quality. Research has shown that taking this capsule before bed can help balance your brain chemistry and allow you to relax. Not only does this help you fall asleep easier, but you'll also be able to stay asleep for a longer amount of time. It's also been shown that magnesium can help boost your melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. This mineral can help you with relaxation so you can get enough sleep during the night.

Are there other benefits of taking magnesium?

Magnesium is beneficial to more than just your sleep cycle. Because of its function in cellular energy regulation, it can be a great agent to help boost your workouts and improve your moods. Increasing your magnesium can also help you fight off anxiety and depression, which will aid your sleep health as well. This natural supplement can also help your heart health to give your overall wellness a bit of a boost. Improve circulation and reduce muscle tension with the help of magnesium.

When should I take a sleep supplement?

All of our dietary supplements are designed to fill in any gaps you have in your nutritional needs. Getting the proper amount of magnesium helps your body function in the best way. It will also help eliminate sleep difficulties and allow you to get quality rest. This benefits your body, as your systems have time to recharge as you get good sleep. It will also benefit your mental health when you get a better night's sleep. The truth is, your quality of sleep impacts your life in tremendous ways, so improving this area will have multiple benefits for your body and mind.

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