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Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents would constantly remind you to drink your milk so your bones would grow nice and strong?

Well, they had a good point. Your bones are a vital part of your overall health, so it's important you get all the nutrients you need to keep your skeleton in the best condition. Weak bones, bone loss, osteoporosis, or fractures can be rough medical conditions to be dealing with. Lower your risk factors and maintain healthy bones when you rely on bone supplements designed for you.

While dairy products can provide you with calcium and you can get vitamin D from sun exposure, those alone may not be enough to get the wide range of nutrients you need to keep your bones healthy. This is where daily supplements and vitamins can play an important role in your overall health and specifically your bone health. Add these items to your daily routine to help improve your calcium, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B, and magnesium levels to fight bone loss and strengthen your skeleton. After all, your bones are the structure that supports your entire body. Young adolescents and older adults alike can benefit from taking care of bone health and seeing a significant difference in overall wellness.

  • Fish Oil
    fish oil supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Brain Heart Joints Prenatal Fitness
    Soft Gel
    • Natural fish oil used

    • Softgel for easy digestion

    • Contaminant tested

    • Strengthens eyes and heart
    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Vitamin D
    vitamin d strong bones immunity supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Brain Fitness
    • Helps absorb calcium

    • Natural bone strengthener

    • Blended with Vitamin K2

    Regular price
    $4.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 supplement energy healthy hair, skin, nails
    Bones Energy Mood
    • Improved levels of energy

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Healthy hair, skin, nails

    • Compliments a healthy lifestyle

    Regular price
    $4.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Multivitamin
    best multivitamin supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Digest Multi
    • Your daily friend

    • Broad range of benefits

    • Fills in dietary gaps

    Regular price
    $9.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Cal-Mag
    calcium magnesium bone support supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Prenatal
    • Aids bone strength 

    • Contains Vitamins D, C, K

    • Supports strong teeth

    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Vitamin K2
    vitamin k2 strong bones and calcium boosting metabolism  supplements | daily vitamin packs | vitarx
    Bones Heart
    • Helps a healthy hearty

    • Fights blood coagulation

    • Supports strong bones

    • Imported from Norway
    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bone supplements?

When we talk about bone health, there isn't just one magic medicine that transforms your bone density. You need an array of supplements that help you get all the nutrients you need for healthy bones. Bone supplements include all these different vitamins: Vitamin B12, vitamin K, vitamin D, fish oil, magnesium, and calcium. Even a multivitamin will have significant effects on your bone health and muscle strength.

Because your bones are complex systems and structures, you need different supplements to perform different roles for your bone health. Every part of the bone mass tissue is affected by different vitamin deficiencies, so it's important you figure out what will be the most helpful for you. Here are some examples of specific vitamins that act as bone supplements:

  • Vitamin B12 helps with mineral density in your bone mass, therefore minimizing the risk of fractures.
  • Vitamin D, aka the sunlight vitamin, aids calcium retention to avoid weak bones.
  • Fish oil relieves inflammation in your joints.
  • Vitamin K regulates calcium metabolism while avoiding blood vessel calcification.
  • Cal-Mag capsules enhance collagen synthesis for bone tissue maintenance and strength.
  • Multivitamins offer you a plethora of vitamins to help promote strong bones and tissues.

    Why is your bone health important?

    Your bones are quite literally what keeps you upright and help carry your body through any sort of physical activity. Without healthy bones, you wouldn't be able to move and your vital organs would be left without protection. So if you're asking yourself if bone health is important, the answer is a resounding "yes!"

    As you get older, you may experience a low bone mass or osteoporosis. This is because your bones and the cartilage between joints will naturally wear down over time. Our dietary supplements can help you keep your bones looking and feeling healthy for a longer time. This means older adults won't have to worry about hip fractures or bone loss that could lead to serious medical conditions or chronic disease. The earlier you take care of your bones and your muscle mass, the better your bone health will be as you get older.

    What are the benefits of a bone supplement subscription?

    Getting every vitamin and nutrient you need on a daily basis is an almost impossible task if you're relying on diet alone. Just for bone health, you'd need to commit to food sources that are high in magnesium, calcium, and other vitamins. You can eat as many dairy products and protein as possible and still come up short. This is where a personalized supplement subscription can make a huge difference for you.

    Still get the nutrients you need when you rely on the supplement boxes from VitaRx. Take our personalized assessment to see what array of bone supplements will be a good source of calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin B12 to give you strong bones and lower your fracture risk. Avoid deficiencies and increase your vitamin D intake or magnesium levels when you rely on dietary supplements delivered right to your door. Our health professionals have the right vitamins and supplements to improve your dietary intake and benefit your bone strength.

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