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While many individuals in the United States would benefit from a heart-healthy diet, it's often difficult for us to get all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need.

Plus, even with a healthy diet, many still struggle to meet all of our dietary guidelines and intake levels. Naturally, when it comes to our cardiovascular health, it's wise to combine a heart-healthy diet, physical activity, and the appropriate supplements for your body's needs.

VitaRx wants to make it easier for you to connect to the supplements you need to thrive, no matter where you're at in the United States. Whether you want to promote good cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, or you're looking for a solution to your high blood pressure, our supplements and blends are great options. Especially if you're a high-risk individual struggling with a condition like hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, or poor blood flow, you should talk to your health care provider about supplements and internal medicine to ensure you're taking one that can support heart health.

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  • CoQ10
    co q10 capsule supplements | daily vitamin packs | vita rx
    Brain Heart
    • Cellular energy reproduction

    • Aids a healthy heart

    • Pharmaceutical grade CoQ10

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    $9.00 30 Day Supply
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  • Astaxanthin
    astaxanthin supplements | daily vitamin packs | vita rx
    Heart Skin Fitness
    Soft Gel
    • Potent Free Radical Scavenger

    • A must-have for skin care

    • Supports immune system functionality

    • Fermented with 5 different natural oils
    • Free of Hexane
    Regular price
    $12.00 30 Day Supply
    Sale price

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil
    Omega-3 Fish Oil
    Bones Brain Eyes Joints Prenatal Fitness
    Soft Gel
    • Natural fish oil used

    • Softgel for easy digestion

    • Contaminant tested

    • Strengthens eyes and heart
    Regular price
    $8.00 30 Day Supply
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CoQ10 help with heart health?

CoQ10 is an essential molecule in the body that can help lower the risk of developing heart disease, coronary artery disease, or another cardiovascular condition that could impact your quality of life. This is because CoQ10 helps with cellular energy reproduction, which is necessary for long-term heart health. The good news is that it's easy to incorporate CoQ10 into your daily regimen with a supplement or multivitamin.


  • Cellular energy reproduction
  • Aids a healthy heart
  • Natural to the body

    What's the connection between fish oil and a healthy heart?

    Out of all the supplements on this page, you've probably heard the most about fish oil. Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are integral to overall health. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of heart attack, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clots, and other conditions that could impact heart health. If you think that a fish oil supplement is the right course of action for you, you can talk to your health care provider or take our quick assessment to match you with vitamins and minerals for your body.

    Fish Oil

    • Natural fish oil used
    • Softgel for easy digestion
    • Contaminant tested
    • Strengthens eyes and heart

    What role does astaxanthin play in heart health?

    Astaxanthin and similar vitamin supplements are healthy choices for a variety of medical conditions, especially if you're at higher risk for serious problems or heart damage. In particular, astaxanthin helps with exercise tolerance, meaning that it's much easier to make lifestyle changes and get regular physical activity, especially if you normally feel discomfort or trouble breathing while you exercise. This supplement can help suppress oxidative stress, improve the flow of blood, and help mitigate health issues and heart disease risk, making it a natural choice for many individuals. The heart-healthy benefits can't be understated.


    • Potent Free Radical Scavenger
    • A must-have for skincare
    • Supports immune system functionality
    • Fermented with five different natural oils
    • Free of Hexane

      Can vitamin K2 lower the risk of heart disease?

      Heart disease is a major concern for many Americans and it's a leading cause of death in the United States. Even if you're getting plenty of heart-healthy foods and healthy fats like fatty fish, dietary fiber, fresh fruit, and whole grains like brown rice, you still might not get enough vitamin K2 in your daily regimen. K2 helps prevent the development of heart disease and coronary heart disease. K2 can also protect the walls of your arteries and help lower plaque buildup and overall blood cholesterol. Plus, in many individuals, K2 can reduce the chance of dying from heart disease by up to 57%. Since this is a major cause of death, it's no surprise that many individuals want supplements that help prevent heart disease.

      Vitamin K2

      • It helps heart health
      • Fights blood coagulation
      • Supports strong bones
      • Imported from Norway

      Does odorless garlic support a healthy heart?

      Odorless garlic is a dietary supplement that helps you get all of the benefits of garlic in your daily intake. Odorless garlic dietary supplements can improve heart health, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and enhance your immune system. Combined with a daily mineral supplement and a balanced diet that contains plenty of healthy food and your garlic doses can help you overcome deficiency and protect your heart function from the relative risk of heart disease.

      Odorless Garlic

      • Garlic clove concentrate
      • No added fillers
      • Highly nutritious

      How does flaxseed oil benefit the body?

      Flaxseed oil, which contains plenty of dietary fiber and minerals, plays an important role in your heart health and bodily wellness. Some studies show that the acids found inside of flaxseed oil can reduce cardiovascular risk and help you get nutrients you're not getting from your daily food sources. By limiting the risk of heart failure and cardiovascular risk factors, it's clear that flaxseed is a natural supplement that many can benefit from.

      Flax Seed Oil

      • Flaxseed supports heart health
      • Flaxseed is good for healthy digestion
      • Healthy ski

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