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In today’s world it is so easy to get caught up the pace of life. We forget little things that often have big impacts on our lives. We believe it all starts with wellness. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to remember to get the supplements you need on daily basis so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Amazing & Transparent Ingredients

Our supplements are amazing and we want to brag about it. Everything is manufactured in the US and sourced with the quality ingredients. We provide a supplement label is with every kit and easily reviewable on our website so you know what you are taking every day. We also know that people have unique needs for their diets. If you are vegetarian, vegan or maybe have some other special dietary needs, all of our supplements are clearly identified for you.

  • Transparency

    If you are going to take something on a daily basis you probably want to know what it is! We make that as clear as possible with all the supplement labels easily available

  • Personalization

    Your kit is personalized to fill in the gaps that might be missing from your daily diet.

  • Care

    We care about your wellness and want you to feel the goodness coming from your kits. If you are not happy with the way your kit is designed or think something can be improved, let us know and we will tweak it to get it right.

Meet the Team

  • JesseFounder

    Years ago, a casual conversation with a friend introduced Jesse to the affects that supplements can have on your lifestyle. He then began taking them on a daily basis and was astonished at the results. Fast forward to today, he saw a vision to help other people feel this way and to deliver them what they need in a fun & easy way.

    What’s in my daily dose?

    • Fish Oil

    • Vitamin C

    • Iron

  • DrewOperations

    California born and raised with a love for fitness and nutrition. After seeing the vision Jesse had to help spread this wellness on a national level, it was an easily decision to jump on board.

    What’s in my daily dose?

    • Fish Oil

    • Vitamin C

    • Iron

  • JonathanQuality Control

    Jonathan lives an active lifestyle with a love for basketball. He also has a passion for perfection. Jonathan came on board with VitaRx in order to ensure that every customer receives the same quality kit every day they go to open up their goodness.

    What’s in my daily dose?

    • Fish Oil

    • Vitamin C

    • Iron

  • Made for you.

    These kits are personalized for you for a reason. We believe there is no one supplement everybody should be taking. That’s why we ask questions to find out what is best for you.

  • Simple for you.

    We all live busy lives and it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself in the midst of that. Our daily kits make it easy to remember.

  • Better for you.

    We want to fill in those little gaps in your lifestyle & diet to make you might be missing right now. Nobody is perfect, but we can work getting to the best version of yourself possible.

The Smarter Way to be Healthy

Don’t let a living healthy lifestyle become a burden for you. Rather, allow us make it easy and affordable to help you with your wellness goals. Whether your goals are looking for help with better sleep, fitness, digestion or any of the other many benefits that can come from daily vitamins. Let us help you create an easy daily habit that will help you achieve these goals.

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